The Pinvin Federation

Together, we inspire, discover and achieve

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Federation Staff

The staff teams are made up of teaching and support staff who all work closely together to provide the best learning experience for our pupils.  Natalie Rushton, our Inclusion Manager (SENCO) works across the year groups.  The Administration team is based in the school office and are the first point of contact for school visitors.  Our Lunchtime team consists of a mixture of Midday Supervisors who organise the children whilst they collect and eat their lunches and Teaching Assistants who supervise lunchtime playground duties.  Many members of staff are qualified first aiders.



Mrs Bex Chatterton and Miss Natalie Rushton - Heads of School, Pinvin Federation


 First School team from September 2017: left to right:  Keziah Greenstreet, Louise Newman (Assistant Headteacher) Olivia Sanders, Rachael Bowkett, Jenna Greenfield, Clare Kilby, Nichola Bennett. Also not pictured Jo Coote and Julie Groves.



Year 5 team from September 2017:  left to right: Becky Suckling, Laura Barker, Sophie Williams, Lucy Smith.  Also, not pictured Matt Modley.








 Year 6 team from September 2017:

left to right: Alan Dodson (Assistant Headteacher), Helen Davey, Kerri-Ann Smith, Lisa Gorton.  Also not pictures Natali Brown.

Year 6



The Year 7 Team from September 2017: Left to right: Jim Kehoe, Tamsin Bowden, Sarah Darby, Charlotte McSwiney, Cheryl Hooper (Assistant Headteacher) also not pictures Robert Pugh and Cath Francis.


Year 7






Learning Support Team:  (left to right) Natalie Rushton, Michele Brown, Helen Zaynchkovsky, Lian Smith



Teaching Assistant Team:  (left to right) Jane Rushen, Sharon Edwards, Jaime Robrts, Gail Prudden, Becky Suckling, Jayne Gibbs, Angela Hiam, Helen Zaynchkovsky, Sarah Pask, Amanda Rowberry, Karen Boyden, Emma Lonnen, Lian Smith, Kerry Sinnett. Also not pictured: Teresa Adams, Linda Perkins.


The Administration Team:  (left to right) Mrs Val Hunt, Mrs Anna Denne, Mrs Belinda Watkins, Mrs Sue Townley



Midday Supervisor Team:

Becky Brain, Rachel Cory, Jackie Ford, Mary Heeks, Sharon Edwards, Diane Smith and Michelle Lewis (Lunchtime First Aider)