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Attendance is central to raising standards and ensuring that pupils can reach their potential. Children who miss lessons are more vulnerable to falling behind. Children with poor attendance tend to achieve less in both primary and secondary phases of education (See below for information relating to the link between absence and attainment at KS2).

The Pinvin Federation has high expectations with regards to both attendance and punctuality. Attendance is celebrated weekly, with a Year group and Class trophy. End of year 100% attendance is celebrated and a pupil’s attendance forms part of the Annual Report to parents.  Attendance is also closely linked with the Behaviour system where attendance at school sessions equates to a merit or point. Additional merits of 5 E-praise points are awarded to those pupils who have maintained 100% attendance during any half-term period.  Pupils then realise the value of a high level of attendance and how this relates to the expectations that we have as a Federation in relation to behaviour. The Federation also recognises improvements in attendance and will send letters home to those parents that improve the attendance or punctuality of their child, where it had been a previous cause for concern.

The Federation offers a number of opportunities for pupils that encourages high levels of attendance.  Clubs that meet the needs of a variety of learners take place during the course of the week and are aimed at all pupils.  The addition of: Forest School sessions, a breakfast based club alongside close working relationships with our, before and after school link provider, are also available to foster positive attendance.

Where attendance and punctuality is a concern, The Pinvin Federation will intervene early, working with parents and, where necessary, other professionals, to improve attendance and punctuality with a view to raising attainment and outcomes for pupils.  There is a clear set of processes in place to tackle attendance concerns.

If a child has a medical or dental appointment during the school day, please inform the school in writing, by e-mail or telephone.  For reasons of safety, no child will be allowed out of school without a letter and without being collected by a parent. Parents are asked to inform the school of reasons for absence through illness on the first day of the absence, before 9.30am.  This can be done by message, telephone or e-mail.  We will follow up any unexplained absences by telephone after 9.30am.  This is essential as we are now required to distinguish between "authorised absences" and "truancy".  Truancy is defined as absence from school without authorisation or explanation.  Any prolonged and unexplained absence will be followed up by the School.  Unauthorised absences may be referred to the Education Investigation Tem.